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Nickel Eye – Time of the Assassins (Rykodisc) With a deep steady bass line, Nikolai Fraiture introduces himself as a solo performer (away from the Strokes). While his singing sounds lackadaisical, the bass line is tight and inviting. Mixing rock/pop with some folk and blues, Nickel Eye creates a sound different from the Strokes, but […]

Cotton Jones – Paranoid Cocoon (Suicide Squeeze) I know there are influences of blues rock, alt country and indie pop, but I still don’t know what Cotton Jones is! The opening track “Up This Tree (Went This Heart I Have),” starts with a simple bass line and the mysterious line of “all around, all around […]

Clinic has always done their own thing, and they continue on doing their thing on their 5th release, Do It. They continue on with their business without it being tired. They continue to push their own envelopes. Clinic – Do It! (Domino) They re-enter into the scene after two years with their gritty guitars and […]

The album kicks off with a sound beat with the song “Pants”. However that song and the album never really picks up in tempo or intricacy. Even the female/male lyrics don’t even deliver, there’s no banter, no conversation. And it’s a shame because the vocals could be so lovely. The music does not compliment the […]

Beat Pyramid.


Track Listing: 1. … Ce I Will Say This Voice 2. Numerology (Aka Numbers)** 3. Colours** 4. Swords of Truth** 5. Doppelganger 6. C. 16th ±** 7. Infinity Ytinifni 8. Elvis ** 9. £4 10. Mkk3 11. 4 12. Navigate-Colours 13. H. 14. Costume 15. I Will Say This Twi… I cannot tell you specifically […]