Radio – Web 2.0wned


I am a DJ for my college radio station, WRHU, 88.7 FM. Clearly, I have a passion for music and communication. Last night, my co-host joined me for a one-night only reunion show (since he graduated last year and hasn’t come to visit). It’s been said that we have real chemistry on air and I knew the show was going to be great when our forces recombined. And, Oh GOODNESS, it was great. No only did we get callers, we got tweeted!

Before and during the show, I tweeted about the possibility of a great show and the in studio antics, such as sing-a-longs and the affects of awesome song. It worked. I have 12 (seriously, 12) new followers on twitter. Along with some contributions via twitter to Sean and my conversation, there were also trans-continental requests and participation! Besides that, it was just plan ol’ fun!

It just shows the power and connectedness of social media. With the help of web streaming the show ( and my excitement and passion for the show, I got interested parties to participate and to engage with me after the event was over. A quick public forum, such as Twitter, made a one-sided, old medium, such as radio, infused and fun for everyone!

I’ve used Twitter for years now, and I’ve always refrained from live tweeting and self promotion because it can be anoying. But last night, I utilitzed the tools in an appropriate way to create a dynamic web 2.0/FM program!


image sources: Saratara’s Flickr, twosecondsaway’s Twitter


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  1. Glad to contribute!

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