Clinic Does It with Do It


Clinic has always done their own thing, and they continue on doing their thing on their 5th release, Do It. They continue on with their business without it being tired. They continue to push their own envelopes.

Clinic Do It
Clinic – Do It! (Domino)

They re-enter into the scene after two years with their gritty guitars and psychedelic mentality. “Memories” is fantastic with the lyrical breakdown followed by the craziness of the drums. “Tomorrow” also plays with the heavy beat, using guitars plucked to their limits.

The Ade Blackburn sounds like he’s clenching his jaw as he sings. His style matches well with the “struggling” instruments. All four-band members sound like they are performing at wits end.

“Shopping Bag” is straight up rock n’ roll. Meanwhile, “Emotions” is a “softer” (and I use that word lightly) 50’s pop song done in Clinic’s pushing-the-sound-barrier style.

The album is quite odd but its so intriguing. And let’s face it so are these guys. They perform usually in scrubs and facial masks. The energy in this album is so contagious. Take a listen.Clinic Performance

Track Listing:
1. Memories
2. Tomorrow
3. The Witch (made to measure)
4. Free Not Free
5. Shopping Bag
6. Corpus Christi
7. Emotions
8. High Coin
9. Mary and Eddie
10. Winged Wheel
11. Coda


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