Beat Pyramid.


These New Puritans - Beat Pyramid

Track Listing:
1. … Ce I Will Say This Voice
2. Numerology (Aka Numbers)**
3. Colours**
4. Swords of Truth**
5. Doppelganger
6. C. 16th ±**
7. Infinity Ytinifni
8. Elvis **
9. £4
10. Mkk3
11. 4
12. Navigate-Colours
13. H.
14. Costume
15. I Will Say This Twi…

I cannot tell you specifically why I like These New Puritans, but I do. The majority of the songs off of Beat Pyramid (released from Rough Trade records) are short, but move from section to section very quickly. There is some rock and roll, like heavy but not dark. There’s a sing-speak thing. It’s like Art Brut infused with rock and Shellac’s intensity. There are just injections of electronic horns, choruses, sick drums, quick guitar riffs. Combining all those elements form a unique, inviting and very cool beat.

Best way I can possibly describe These New Puritans is as electronic rock. And yes, that sounds lame, but they are not. They won’t be my favorite band anytime soon, but reviewing this album was an enjoyable experience (especially because I listened to it like 3 times over). This is a great debut album, and without a doubt will get a good amount of both love and criticism.

The Puritans – Colours

Take a listen and share your thoughts.


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