Escape to a Dreamy Landscape


Cotton Jones – Paranoid Cocoon (Suicide Squeeze)

I know there are influences of blues rock, alt country and indie pop, but I still don’t know what Cotton Jones is!

The opening track “Up This Tree (Went This Heart I Have),” starts with a simple bass line and the mysterious line of “all around, all around this head of mine I was scratching out the view.” We’ve all been there, the mental place where we don’t know what’s happening. The dirty heavy male vocals are joined by a very young sounding female. (Those female vocals even resemble a young Michael Jackson). Matching the attitude of the music, the lyrics are seeking a return to an easier and more carefree time.

The song blends right into the next which morphs into a haunting groove from an electronic keyboard. The matching of deep male vocals and cheery high-pitched female vocals compliments in a really non-competitive way. The “Cheer Up Now” gives a 60’s groove a fix to the problem of being overwhelmed established in track 1.

“By Morning Light” takes a passe Johnny Cash approach. With lyrics such as “I cry just to see the tears” with the addition of whistling and string arrangements, it gives something more organic to the recognizable sound. “Pretty Little Ashtray in the Sun” picks up the temp and personifies items and repeats “Oh The human kindness has begun” in a Beatle-esque way.

While some songs are more alt country (“Gone The Bells”), others are more “psychadelic” and furthermore some are gentle blues rock. All the different textures work well together to share the mood which matches the album title of Paranoid Cocoon.

The setting that comes to mind when listening to Paranoid Cocoon is either sun bathing on a drifting rowboat or watching snowdrifts building as the winter wind numbs your nose and toes. By the end of the album, the overwhelming feeling brought up in the lyrics disperses itself  and are replaced with the lyrics:”all the demons have been slayed”. A sentiment of protection is built and a new feeling of “everything is gonna be okay” closes out the album.

With such clarity and seemingly complexity, Paranoid Cocoon could easily end up on the 2009 Top Year End List. There is some desperation/emotion in the vocals; a wavering, somewhat psychedelic keyboard, and soft strings and gentle drumming that paint a dreamy landscape that brings everything together.

Track List:

1. Up A Tree (This Heart I Have)*
2. Gotta Cheer Up*
3. Some Strange Rain
4. Gone The Bells*
5. Photo Summerlude
6. By Morning Light
7. Cotton and Velvet
8. Little Ashtray in The Sun*
9. Blood Red Sentimental Blues
10. I Am The Charger

Rating: B+


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