Hailing from a Philadelphian suburb, Sara Knee comes from a background focused on the upcoming forms of new media. While attending Hofstra University as a Public Relations major, Sara has had two internships that have provided a wealth experience.

The first internship was at Guideworks, a company that creates and provides the electronic program guide for Comcast and other cable customers. During her 8-month stint, she learned how the Internet is projected to affect television.

Her latest internship was at BuddyLube, a digital marketing agency located in Brooklyn. BuddyLube pairs celebrities with their fans through various social networks and other online communities. In May 2007, BuddyLuber hired Sara as Assistant Director of Promotions and Facebook Specialist.

Sara now is working at a temporary position back at Guideworks.  She uses her expertise of new media to track how customers view the product on social media websites. As for a future career, Sara has no idea. She is debating about staying in the Public Relation field or she is looking to pursue a field more involved with branding, such as advertising.

Sara often asks herself if she’ll always have to work this hard. She answers that by getting back to work.

As far as this blog goes, Sara has a very involved interest in music. She is a producer for her college radio station and listens to about 30  new albums per week.



2 Responses to “About”

  1. Keep doin’ your thing, girl!

    Micah Jesse

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