Lemuria, I Hope You Get Better Soon!


Lemuria - Get BetterThe album kicks off with a sound beat with the song “Pants”. However that song and the album never really picks up in tempo or intricacy.

Even the female/male lyrics don’t even deliver, there’s no banter, no conversation. And it’s a shame because the vocals could be so lovely. The music does not compliment the vocals. It’s too dark for the “twee” light sound of Sheena or intricate enough for Alexander Kern’s gorgeously deep voice. They have a potential to be a great group, but the musical sound and instrumental does not match up. Maybe they’ll take their own advice and get better. (Signed to Asian Man)

1. Pants
2. Yesterday’s Lunch
3. Lipstick
4. Buzz
5. Wardrobe
6. Length Away
7. Dog
8. Dogs
9. Get Some Sleep
10. Hawaiian T-Shirt
11. Fingers
12. Mechanical


3 Responses to “Lemuria, I Hope You Get Better Soon!”

  1. 1 mike

    i completely disagree. what i love about this band is the raging music, but how the vocals are so honest sounding. no contrived screaming or fake whines. best album of 2008 so far

  2. 2 Knit1Purl2

    You should consider sending these reviews to a magazine or newspaper. They’re quite insightful and interesting and well-written!

  3. Lemuria blows. They’re what I hated most about college.

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