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I am a DJ for my college radio station, WRHU, 88.7 FM. Clearly, I have a passion for music and communication. Last night, my co-host joined me for a one-night only reunion show (since he graduated last year and hasn’t come to visit). It’s been said that we have real chemistry on air and I […]

I’ve been wondering about this a lot today. What am I worth? Sure, if you were to sell my kidneys, that’s a pretty penny. In fact, I’m worth $2,033,200 dollars (according to here.)But, who cares about monetary value anymore? Let’s talk about pretend money. How can I figure out what I’m worth, or what people […]

I’m a PR major. I learned to hate and love different aspects of the industry and well, I guess love won out. Although, there are the people who dream of party planning and publist-izing, I stay away from that and made my way into the digital world. Fine, whatever, here’s my point. Why is everyone […]

You know it’s going to be an emotionally trying day when you wake up with a emotionally-trying song already implanted in your head. That song is “Get Me Away From Here, I’m Dying” by Belle and Sebastian off of the album If You Are Feeling Sinister. I had to listen to it. I found it […]

In a few short months from now, I’ll be graduating from school and getting my first apartment. Yes, I’ll clearly be making enemies with the neighbors while I blast music from my iPod dock as I move in. But what exactly will I be moving in? Clearly, clothes and the essentials, but what else? What […]

To be completely honest, this list is missing a lot. Some albums were lost in the great iTunes deletion accident of ’08, other albums I never got, but through thick and thin, I’ve developed a top 50. After spending hours and hours going through over 5,000 songs, I carefully chose and ordered the albums. To […]

Turkey Travel


I feel like a turkey. I have to get home for thanksgiving and it’s ending up to be a bigger comotion than usual because this time I have choices. I can go home Tuesday night after my 6Pm class, or Wednesday anytime. I also get to decide how I go home. The bus or the […]

1. I decided that a bear was my power animal a few years ago. Cute and cuddly, but claws out and killing too! 2. I was a bear for halloween! 3. They are great characters for books 4. Bear v. Gorilla: It’s a fun game I like to play where you ask people to choose […]

What A Race!


Yes, this is a post about the future man of the year and man of the decade. What more can I say ? I voted for him. I like him. He seems like a good fellow. I’d drink a beer and eat a pie with him. And I was amongst the excited many when he […]

I’m Sorry!


I know I used to update this thing at least twice a week. But things have changed. I still get loads of music that I could write about, but I’ve been basically buried in other things. This is what I’ve been up to: 1. Creator and Contributor to a hot new blog: BuyorDon’ 2. New […]