Do social media stats pay off?


I’ve been wondering about this a lot today.

What am I worth? Sure, if you were to sell my kidneys, that’s a pretty penny. In fact, I’m worth $2,033,200 dollars (according to here.)But, who cares about monetary value anymore? Let’s talk about pretend money. How can I figure out what I’m worth, or what people are worth in general?

I am all about social media. Duh. So in the way of social media, what makes me worth attention in a world where ideas are democratized, and my words are in the same unhyped place as someone with significance?

I have this awful/awesome tendency to quantify the unquantifiable. For example, I tried to graph out how close my boyfriend and I were over the years, to prove the trend that things will get better.

Let’s look at my numerical stats:

  • 278 followers on Twitter
  • 308 Channel views on YouTube
  • 386 Friends on Facebook
  • 103 RSS subscriptions (blogs I read)
  • 94 connections on LinkedIn
  • 3.8 GPA
  • Creator and Contributor of BuyorDon’tBuy, a group blog.
  • And this blog.

So? Does it even matter? Does this make me marketable? Do numbers, involvement of other people mean something? Now, it’s time for the exciting conclusion.

It depends. Some of those numbers are impressive compared to the less connected. They are unimpressive to heavy influencers. To me, eh, that makes sense for each of those locations. But would those numbers get me? Would I be invited to speak on panels? Write a blog post for a “real” blog? Write a book? Be considered an expert?

That’s the thing, advertisers/marketers/public relationists may think these numbers are worth a campaign. For what it’s worth, (ha) my numbers, your numbers, other people’s numbers can’t and don’t tell the whole story.

At least, it shows I am familiar with these spaces or at least dabble. It shows that I am interested in the spaces. And the words I write show that I am interested/interesting.

I don’t think, in most cases you can really just know who and what something is worth based on his/her/its web-reputation, or body mass. Although, I’ll continue trying to quantify my worth through numbers, any insights I learn will be worthless to many.

So I guess it ain’t all about the Benjamins, after all.

Image source: Polyfaze’s Flickr.


2 Responses to “Do social media stats pay off?”

  1. 1 MW

    Don’t you realize that by submitting your information to them you’re merely helping to find out more about you as a digital consumer. Say one of the questions was IQ or breast size.. you’ll now receive ads targeted towards your deficiencies i.e. Breast augmentation or “brain games”.

    How often do you search the web and see an onslaught of ads saying, “Barack’s IQ is 135, can you beat that?” Or replace Obama with B. Spears.. etc.

    Lastly, while taking the human worth test, it links you to other tests like (the dumber than and IQ tests) aka.. more companies gathering/mining your personal information. Hell the male’s worth asks about yearly income, penis size, birthdate.. don’t be a sucker, avoid these tests at all costs!!!!

    Oh and Sara, with that in mind, I beat your worth after completing the first half of the test ;).. win!

  2. I was just trying to compare my physical monetary worth to my digital media worth. I am smart enough not to bother with the IQ tests. And, yes, a guy’s penis size matters. There are potential penis transplants to be account for.

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