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Pt 1: Friday: I saw Role Models Pt 2: Saturday: Played Dungeons and Dragons Pt 3: Sunday: Scrolled through my old xanga. Redskins game and True Blood Part one: Role Models. Let me tell you. It was funny. I lol-ed a few times actually. I mean no lines particularly stick out. And there were a […]

Hey loyal readers ? I’m enjoying my spring break at home. So come back next week for more reviews and other tidbits. The only thing I think I can review fairly is HBO’s John Adams miniseries. Part 1 (Join Or Die) and Part 2 (Independence) aired this past Sunday on HBO. Basically, disappointing. I thought […]

Yes, yes it is true. I did not see that coming. These indie sweethearts finished off their set in Austin this year with Fugazi’s Waiting Room. They even seemed to mock Ian MacKaye and Guy Picciotto’s vocal stylings. Who would have thought a Brooklyn light-hearted indie band would ever listen to or cover a D.I.Y. […]

I saw the Mountain Goats just a few months ago in October at Studio B with a very good friend of mine, Caroline. It was a pretty great show. John Darnielle, the songwriter and lead vocals of the Mountain Goats entertained the crowd with his well-known banter and ended with an encore of “I Saw […]

Be Kind Rewind


After about a year of hearing about it, it was finally released. Last night, I went to go see Be Kind, Rewind, the new Michel Gondry film. I was relieved that it wasn’t all fluffy clouds floating in the air (as in The Science of Sleep) or time confusing (like in Eternal Sunshine of The […]