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Herman Dune’s “I Wish I Could See You Soon”  5 song Ep is a cute one (released off Everloving). It’s puppy-love… feels so real, sincere and all around enjoyable. He sounds like a Swedish version of Jonathan Richman. The Woo-Woos are the accompanying female vocals and they provice a lighter and even more romantic mood […]

Jonathan Richman – Because Her Beauty Is Raw And Wild (Vapor) I’m a huge fan in case you didn’t notice my first post. So it’s accurate to say that I was pumped when he came back with another album. He’s still the good old Jonathan as I’ve grown to know through his music. His styling […]

Now I can’t promise that there will be an artist of the week every week, but this week it’s Jonathan Richman. Yeah I know he’s not new, but I rediscovered him and really thought about his work. Now, I don’t have every album ever by him, but the songs I do I have I greatly […]