Oh Jonny Boy, Have You Been to Bermuda? (It sounds like you have)


Jonathan Richman - Because Her Beauty Is Wild And Raw
Jonathan Richman – Because Her Beauty Is Raw And Wild (Vapor)

I’m a huge fan in case you didn’t notice my first post. So it’s accurate to say that I was pumped when he came back with another album.

He’s still the good old Jonathan as I’ve grown to know through his music. His styling is very much the same with a subtle Caribbean accent.

Sad to say though, I thought the title track to be a little disappointing. It’s so quiet and “tame” for a song about a beautiful and wild girl. However, it does pick up more with “No One Was Like Vermeer.” It’s in his infamous classic and simple style with his rolling storytelling, free thought/improvisational delivery. “Time Has Gone By So Fast” is the best example of being simple but sophisticated. The melody, the lyrics are simple but listen closely and think. He’s right; time has been going by too fast.

And Ha! In “Es Comom El Pan,” he discusses the significant of life of bread as far as I can tell. And exactly what I love about his music, humor, charming and sincere. The imagery in “Our Drab Ways” is realistic and once again makes sense it’s “swayable” best for slow dancing alone or otherwise.

One of my favorites is “When We Refuse To Suffer” because of lines like “it’s like air condition in the summer time” and “ it’s like when Prozac wins”. “Old World” is an update to “Modern World”, a song written and performed when Richman was in the Modern Lovers. It has the same texture and feeling but without a band. He welcomed the modern world; now, he is saying good-bye to the old world. It’s a nice throwback for his old fans. There isn’t as much charm as I hoped for. But it’s still enjoyable and he didn’t lose this fan. I don’t know if his album will pick up any fans though.

Track Listing:
1. Because Her Beauty Is Raw And Wild
2. No One Was Like Vermeer
3. Time Has Been Going By So Fast
4. Es Como El Pan
5. Our Drab Ways
6. The Lovers Are Here And They’re Full Of Sweat
7. Le Printemps Des Amoreux Est Venue
8. When We Refuse To Suffer
9. This Romance Will Be Different For Me
10. Old World
11. Our Party Will Be On The Beach Tonight
12. When We Refuse To Suffer
13. Here It Is
14. As My Mother Lay Lying



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