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Track Listing for Born Ruffians’ Red, Yellow & Blue: 1. Red, Yellow And Blue 2. Barnacle Goose 3. Hummingbird 4. I Need a Life 5. Little Garcon 6. Baddnkadonkey 7. Foxes Mate For Life 8. Hedonistic Me 9. In a Mirror 10. Kurt Vonnegut 11. Red Elephant Self proclaimed as “Hootin’ & Hollarin’”, I am […]

So I got The Dodo’s album’s “Visiters”. The album cover gave me somewhat false hopes. (Sadly, I could not find a picture of it.) I was hoping to hear children, like Eyeball Skeleton, but no, it’s a folk-pop indie band made up of full-grown men (with some female vocals scattered among the different tracks). Don’t […]