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Well happy birthday to me! Well in a matter of days. I’ll be leaving Shanghai and heading to Beijing. Now, readers, I hope you haven’t felt neglected with my lack of posts. I‘ve been very busy with creating plenty of new stories (most of them being true). I went to Hooters with 4 of my […]

Just thought I’d share. everything is going swimmingly. Let me sum up my adventures so far in a very LiveJournal way: I’m hungry. And tired. First of all, I’m jetlagged. It’s the 4th day here, and let’s face it, I’m still trying to figure out when I should to go to bed to the get […]

May 18th: 6:00pm – Leave home 9:15pm – Arrive at Philadelphia Int’l May 19th: 1:30am – Board the plane May 20th: 4:00am – Unboard the plan 5:30am – Board bus to East China Normal University 6:30am – Arrive at University 7:10am – Meet for breakfast 9:00am – Meet for University Tour 12:00pm – Meet for […]