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I love Ratatat and I like Yacht remixes. So it is really no surprise when a short remix (loveeee short remixes) of these two powers came up that I dug it? (And dug it good). In true fashion, I put the song on repeat for roughly two hours. Now, maybe that’s not your style, but […]

Track Listing: 1. Untrust Us 2. Alice Practice 3. Crimewave 4. Magic Spells 5. Xxzxcuzx Me 6. Air War 7. Courtship Dating 8. Good Time 9. 1991 10. Vanished 11. Knights 12. Love And Caring 13. Through The Hosiery 14. Reckless 15. Black Panther 16. Tell Me What To Swallow I don’t know about this […]