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The Death Set – Worldwide (Counter) Fuck yeah! Finally a full length from cult favorites, Death Set. I wrote about their teaser EP, MFDS, a few months ago, and lucky for everyone, the attitude, high energy from that EP lasts for 25.5 minutes over 18 tracks on Worldwide. The album moves extremely fast each track […]

(brought to you by Sleazetone Records) Just look at the cover. LOOK AT IT. Are you creeped out? Intrigued? Homophobic? Well good. That’s exactly what SSION (as in mission with out the “meh”) was going for. For serials, this band’s goal was to make the gayiest record ever. But then they realized pop “trumped” gay […]

The Death Set released two of their singles in a new EP titled MFDS, which is the promotional form of their first upcoming full length, Worldwide.Now, they have released “Negative Thinking” before off of one of their EPs, but hey it’s still good. “Around The World” is the second release. And yeah, they take it […]