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When discussing with a friend about what she thinks of the album, she said she heard one song and it was upbeat and fast tempoed. So I ask which song was it “My Girls” or “Summertime Clothes”, two of my favorites? She said no. But the fact that there are multiple upbeat songs on an Animal Collective means something has changed. Does it make the album the best album of the decade?


Think Bowie. Plus over manufactured Atlantic. Yep. You got it. Atlantic is holding on and trying to get money for recorded music. the rules have changes, so with bands like Tally Hall, Atlantic will hopefully seem indie enough for the music lovers that still buy music to buy their music. This move from Atlantic just […]

Wye Oak’s If Children (released off of Merge) amazed me. It started with “Please Concrete”. “Please Concrete” starts out quietly and then breaks into a rock feedback explosion. The explosion is contained just as you feel another explosion coming, it shifts to another track. It’s Wye Oak’s timing that plays on the listeners’ anticipation. the […]

Mono Taxi – We Wanna Get Some Real Fun (Ciao Ketchup) Right off the bat: a Pixies vibe. But deeper into it, they sing like, “hey, we’re making music, and we don’t care” not so much like a “hey, we are making music and we don’t give a fuck” (which tends to be louder and […]

Track Listing for Born Ruffians’ Red, Yellow & Blue: 1. Red, Yellow And Blue 2. Barnacle Goose 3. Hummingbird 4. I Need a Life 5. Little Garcon 6. Baddnkadonkey 7. Foxes Mate For Life 8. Hedonistic Me 9. In a Mirror 10. Kurt Vonnegut 11. Red Elephant Self proclaimed as “Hootin’ & Hollarin’”, I am […]