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This Is Ivy League – This Is Ivy League (Twentyseven Records) I guess i have a sweet tooth for sweet music. i like indie pop. So when This Is Ivy League’s self-titled album showed up in my mail box, I couldn’t resist to give it a full and fair listening. Although the promoter’s sticker compared […]

Today it’s Silicon Graffiti, a compilation with music from Circuitree and Catalog Records. Silicon Graffiti deserves that name. It’s “silicon” because it is all electonic and manufactured; it’s “graffiti” by being loud, noisy, messy and “unpredictable” and I guess “artfully created”? Either way, I couldn’t dig it.

What’s wrong with a little shameless promoting here and there? As some of you might know, I have a job promoting a film competition, right here, in New York! And if you don’t know about it, it’s pretty cool and it’s one of those things “that people do on weekends” (like freezing in Grand Central, […]

Yes, yes it is true. I did not see that coming. These indie sweethearts finished off their set in Austin this year with Fugazi’s Waiting Room. They even seemed to mock Ian MacKaye and Guy Picciotto’s vocal stylings. Who would have thought a Brooklyn light-hearted indie band would ever listen to or cover a D.I.Y. […]

This week there are a lot of great releases. So keep checking back to get your fill of whats new and most importantly great by my standards! But kicking it off; it’s: The Heavy – Great Vengeance & Furious Fire Track Listing 1. Brukpocket’s Lament 2. Colleen 3. Set Me Free 4. That Kind Of […]

Track Listing for Born Ruffians’ Red, Yellow & Blue: 1. Red, Yellow And Blue 2. Barnacle Goose 3. Hummingbird 4. I Need a Life 5. Little Garcon 6. Baddnkadonkey 7. Foxes Mate For Life 8. Hedonistic Me 9. In a Mirror 10. Kurt Vonnegut 11. Red Elephant Self proclaimed as “Hootin’ & Hollarin’”, I am […]

  WHY? – Alopecia Track Listing: 1.    The Vowels Pt. 2.    Good Friday 3.    These Few Presidents 4.    The Hollows 5.    Song of the Sad Assassin 6.    Gnashville 7.    Fatalist Palmistry 8.    The Fall of Mr. Fifths 9.    Brook & Waxing 10.    A Sky for Shoeing Horses Under 11.    Twenty Eight 12.    Simeon’s Dilemma 13.    […]

A Faulty Chromosome is cashing in on the trend of lo-fi distortion with their self-released album, “as an ex-anorexic’s six sicks exit… “. They entered the scene with quite charming and still upbeat album with songs discussing their frustration with the world. They are doing the typical 20-somethings trying to figure out what’s up with […]

So I got The Dodo’s album’s “Visiters”. The album cover gave me somewhat false hopes. (Sadly, I could not find a picture of it.) I was hoping to hear children, like Eyeball Skeleton, but no, it’s a folk-pop indie band made up of full-grown men (with some female vocals scattered among the different tracks). Don’t […]

I saw the Mountain Goats just a few months ago in October at Studio B with a very good friend of mine, Caroline. It was a pretty great show. John Darnielle, the songwriter and lead vocals of the Mountain Goats entertained the crowd with his well-known banter and ended with an encore of “I Saw […]