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(DJ Signify – Of Cities – Bully Records) We’ve heard DJs like him before (i.e. RJD2, DJ Shadow), however, there is something very unique and compelling about Of Cities. It has a mood. It has a theme. It even has a story. How does that sound to you? How do you think an album with […]

Today it’s Silicon Graffiti, a compilation with music from Circuitree and Catalog Records. Silicon Graffiti deserves that name. It’s “silicon” because it is all electonic and manufactured; it’s “graffiti” by being loud, noisy, messy and “unpredictable” and I guess “artfully created”? Either way, I couldn’t dig it.

This week there are a lot of great releases. So keep checking back to get your fill of whats new and most importantly great by my standards! But kicking it off; it’s: The Heavy – Great Vengeance & Furious Fire Track Listing 1. Brukpocket’s Lament 2. Colleen 3. Set Me Free 4. That Kind Of […]