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Anytime I don’t know what to listen to and my iPod is running out batteries, I go to old favorites. On YouTube. One of those go to favorites is: JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound’s “Baltimore Is the New Brooklyn” Personally, I love the dancers. Be prepared for more video finds. I think I’ll be […]

Chin Chin – Chin Chin (Def Jux) This Is Modern jazz and funk in a fuzz-tastic way. i haven’t heard anything like this groovy since the 70’s (and I didn’t exist then). Even after drawing heavy influences from the older time period, the band does not sound retro but more pop. when people speak of […]

This week there are a lot of great releases. So keep checking back to get your fill of whats new and most importantly great by my standards! But kicking it off; it’s: The Heavy – Great Vengeance & Furious Fire Track Listing 1. Brukpocket’s Lament 2. Colleen 3. Set Me Free 4. That Kind Of […]

Hey loyal readers. Psht, all right maybe not so loyal, regardless, you’re here. So let’s begin Today, I’ve decided and laid down the dough. I’m now going to China. I already know what I am going to listen to when I step off the plane. It’s going to be “Hong Kong Garden” by Siouxsie and […]