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I love Ratatat and I like Yacht remixes. So it is really no surprise when a short remix (loveeee short remixes) of these two powers came up that I dug it? (And dug it good). In true fashion, I put the song on repeat for roughly two hours. Now, maybe that’s not your style, but […]

When discussing with a friend about what she thinks of the album, she said she heard one song and it was upbeat and fast tempoed. So I ask which song was it “My Girls” or “Summertime Clothes”, two of my favorites? She said no. But the fact that there are multiple upbeat songs on an Animal Collective means something has changed. Does it make the album the best album of the decade?

Today it’s Silicon Graffiti, a compilation with music from Circuitree and Catalog Records. Silicon Graffiti deserves that name. It’s “silicon” because it is all electonic and manufactured; it’s “graffiti” by being loud, noisy, messy and “unpredictable” and I guess “artfully created”? Either way, I couldn’t dig it.

Various Artists – Wait Til The Ice Melts (Exponential) Here is something interesting a compilation of electronic music from… TEXAS?? And surprisingly it doesn’t suck! In fact, it was enjoyable and unexpected. It has a healthy mix of sounds, each track varies, without sounding the exactly the same. And because it’s electronic compilation, it passes […]