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Chin Chin – Chin Chin (Def Jux) This Is Modern jazz and funk in a fuzz-tastic way. i haven’t heard anything like this groovy since the 70’s (and I didn’t exist then). Even after drawing heavy influences from the older time period, the band does not sound retro but more pop. when people speak of […]

This Is Ivy League – This Is Ivy League (Twentyseven Records) I guess i have a sweet tooth for sweet music. i like indie pop. So when This Is Ivy League’s self-titled album showed up in my mail box, I couldn’t resist to give it a full and fair listening. Although the promoter’s sticker compared […]

Yes, yes it is true. I did not see that coming. These indie sweethearts finished off their set in Austin this year with Fugazi’s Waiting Room. They even seemed to mock Ian MacKaye and Guy Picciotto’s vocal stylings. Who would have thought a Brooklyn light-hearted indie band would ever listen to or cover a D.I.Y. […]