Today’s Song > Vitamin C & Bed Rest


You know it’s going to be an emotionally trying day when you wake up with a emotionally-trying song already implanted in your head.

That song is “Get Me Away From Here, I’m Dying” by Belle and Sebastian off of the album If You Are Feeling Sinister.

I had to listen to it. I found it on Grooveshark and played it on repeat for the entire 20 minutes I set aside for getting ready for the day.

It could be that I’m suffering from the sniffles and a cold, extremely tired from enjoying 25 cent wings and $2 beers last night, or it’s a combo of those and waking up early.

What ever it is, the song of the day is that. Emo? Crazy? Cranky? Call me what you will, but sometimes a cliche song is just what the doctor ordered (that and probably some vitamin C).

Photo source: JustABigGeek’s Flickr


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