Trippin’ With Howlies


With blues guitar solos, phrases and words as choruses, they bring back a classic style with some unclassy content. They have proclaimed themselves as the first real rock band of the 21st century. By the end of the album, any arguments regarding that statement are more difficult to defend.

Kicking off with “Sea Level,” Howlies waste no time in showing who they are and what they are afraid of; which turns out to be nothing.

With lyrics that resemble Kings of Leon, the rest of the music is like a Frankenstien of all the rock gods of the past. The songs have a punch and a kick to them. Even slower songs such as “Smoke” can hardly be described as slow.

Howlies definitely has a youthful sound. A sound that would fill a bar. With enthusiasm and a great, honest sound, Howlies deserve at least a shot.

Themes and lifestyles from their southern (Atlanta) roots shine though either in sound or in lyrics. In “Sweet Denise v. Road Rage Rhonda” covers Jesus and road racing while other songs mention activities that are found at the most raucous bars. Don’t worry though, to listen to Howlies, you don’t have to sport cowboy boots. Any shoes that allow toe tapping or dancing are apt.

At the most elementary level, Howlies mix southern rock with classic rock and give rock the rougher edge it’s been missing.

Rating: C+

(Howlies – Trippin’ With Howlies (Over Under Records))

Update: 1/28/09: The quote of being the first rock band of the 21st century was by Kim Fowley, not by the band.


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  1. 1 Anonymous

    The 21st century quote was Kim Fowley’s, not the band’s

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