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Nickel Eye – Time of the Assassins (Rykodisc) With a deep steady bass line, Nikolai Fraiture introduces himself as a solo performer (away from the Strokes). While his singing sounds lackadaisical, the bass line is tight and inviting. Mixing rock/pop with some folk and blues, Nickel Eye creates a sound different from the Strokes, but […]

Cotton Jones – Paranoid Cocoon (Suicide Squeeze) I know there are influences of blues rock, alt country and indie pop, but I still don’t know what Cotton Jones is! The opening track “Up This Tree (Went This Heart I Have),” starts with a simple bass line and the mysterious line of “all around, all around […]

With blues guitar solos, phrases and words as choruses, they bring back a classic style with some unclassy content. They have proclaimed themselves as the first real rock band of the 21st century. By the end of the album, any arguments regarding that statement are more difficult to defend. Kicking off with “Sea Level,” Howlies […]

(DJ Signify – Of Cities – Bully Records) We’ve heard DJs like him before (i.e. RJD2, DJ Shadow), however, there is something very unique and compelling about Of Cities. It has a mood. It has a theme. It even has a story. How does that sound to you? How do you think an album with […]

(A.C. Newman – Get Guilty (Matador) Here’s the thing. Get Guilty is filled with the simple, upbeat, a little catchy, but easily forgotten indie pop songs that have been on his previous release, 2004’s The Slow Wonder. There has been no evolution. Don’t get me wrong – it’s easy to listen to, but there’s really […]

When discussing with a friend about what she thinks of the album, she said she heard one song and it was upbeat and fast tempoed. So I ask which song was it “My Girls” or “Summertime Clothes”, two of my favorites? She said no. But the fact that there are multiple upbeat songs on an Animal Collective means something has changed. Does it make the album the best album of the decade?