Turkey Travel


I feel like a turkey. I have to get home for thanksgiving and it’s ending up to be a bigger comotion than usual because this time I have choices.

I can go home Tuesday night after my 6Pm class, or Wednesday anytime. I also get to decide how I go home. The bus or the train.

Over the summer, I’ve become accustomed to traveling on the Chinatown bus to get to New York. The employees are rude, but it’s cheap and quicker than taking the train. It’s also the more direct route.

I don’t know. It could be that I am work, and I’m feeling sluggish after eating an unsatisfying sandwich. Home really is going to be a sweet and welcomed break.

Things I am looking forward to:

1. Home cooked food
2. Napping on a couch
3. Gettin’ my drink on with my mom and her family
4. Clearly, seeing my family
5. Seeing my pets

So whether I take the LIRR to Penn Station (50mins). From Penn Station via the F Train to Chinatown (30mins). To board a bus to Philadelphia (120mins). And then having my dad drive me back to home (30mins.) (Total: 3.8 hours, getting me home around 11pm)

Or the LIRR to Penn Station (50 mins). From Penn Station boarding a NJTransit to Trenton (110mins). And then having my Dad pick me up in Trenton and drive me home (60mins). (Total: , getting me home around 11pm)

If you were me, what would you do?


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