This Weekend In Review (pt. 2)


Pt 1: Friday: I saw Role Models

Pt 2: Saturday: Played Dungeons and Dragons

Pt 3: Sunday: Scrolled through my old xanga. Redskins game and True Blood

My day of D&D:

I woke up, got dressed, ate some breakfast and heading out to Long Island City for a few friends. We got there around 2. Started picking out characters and started the game around 4:30 (after eating some chinese food). The character picking was quite intensive. You had to pick a race and a class, along with supplies, weapons, a mindset and even a diety.

I was a cleric elf with a rapier named Kiki. I also had purple hair, orange skin and green eyes. I was 4 feet tall and weighed 75 pounds. I wore banded armor that took 10 minutes to put on and could turn invisible and heal the shit out of everything. I imagine I may have looked something like that:

Either way, I’ve never played before and I haven’t used my imagination like that in while. The dungeon master was brillant. He had a story line involving robots, mutant wolf-people, mechanical horses, medical testing on children and poor townfolk. There were a few things that made me LOL so hard IRL (laugh out loud in real life). In fact, this took me so far out of things I know. It isn’t URL, it isn’t IRL, it’s…?? Beyond! Fate was decided on lots of different sided dice (D20, D12, D8, D6, D4).

We went on a quest to a place called “Thunderclap” from 4pm until 12:30 in IRL time. But in the land of D&D, it was about a month. I’m glad I brought a shovel and tent with me or my fellow companions (Delorean (a wizzard), Ella and Miguell (half elves)) would have been in big trouble.

And of course, when I returned to real life, I was exhausted and went to bed. And that night I had dreams of Andy the spy robot, and Tien, the town’s folk who had a nervous studder. And in the morning, I continued to use terms and told of situations from the game before. And I don’t care if that means I’ve transformed into a nerd. It was well worth it.

I get why people dress up for the game. It’s very mind intensive. It involves problem solving in a place where consquences only matter if you want them too. Now, I could probably play D&D once a month or less, but, unlike the Dungeon master, there is no way I could handle playing a weekly game.

Thoughts? Are you judging me? Lesson learned:  I won’t be judging D&D players as much anymore


3 Responses to “This Weekend In Review (pt. 2)”

  1. 1 Gadar

    You are a fag

  2. 3 MW

    “And that night I had dreams of Andy the spy robot, and Tien, the town’s folk who had a nervous studder.”

    aww… May those character linger on in our memories… AMEN

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