This Weekend In Review (pt. 1)


Pt 1: Friday: I saw Role Models

Pt 2: Saturday: Played Dungeons and Dragons

Pt 3: Sunday: Scrolled through my old xanga. Redskins game and True Blood

Part one: Role Models.

Let me tell you. It was funny. I lol-ed a few times actually. I mean no lines particularly stick out. And there were a few lines that relied on stupid humor (the kind of humor you’d expect from Sean William Scott). You know, the “you’re a stupid face… no, you’re a stupid face” kind of dialogue. But besides the few lines to make the Long Island lame-faces happy, it was really good. There wasn’t much slapstick, there was a storyline that didn’t take away from the humor.

The storyline (briefly) were about these two guys (Scott and Rudd) who are sentenced to community service. They have to work at a program called “Sturdy Hands” which is a mentor program for children.

It reached past my expectations and is now something I am willing to see again. In fact, I like it so much, I’m going to refrain from reading any reviews in fear of it tainting my memory.

While on the surface Scott has cemented himself as the stupid asshole character once again, he breaks through that to show that he is indeed, as asshole on the surface but there is a conscious. It is rare in a comedy to have a character transform without the whole movie being bogged down.

And Paul Rudd. Paul Rudd. I’ve loved him ever since he played Josh in Clueless. Those blues eyes just melt my soul. But he, as it is repeated over and over again on screen, is a dick. He’s miserable, he hates his life. He hate fun. And while, some of you may think I’d relate to him, I actually learned a lesson from this character. No one likes a Debbie Downer.

Now about those kids? One played by McLovin’ aka Christopher Mintz-Plasse (aka no one cares) and another played by a Bobb’e J. Thompson (which it looks like to be a breakout role for this previously unknown little boy). McLovin has nailed himself as a nerd. And he continued this nerd role where he ultimately plays a nerd who realizes he likes being a nerd and people end up embrassing his nerdom… sound familiar? Think Superbad or Revenge of the Nerds. I just wonder if McLovin will ultimately be on the equivalent of Lizzie McGuire when he gets older, like Louis Skolnick. Bobb’e aka Ronnie was killer. It played with racism and ampliphied the same reason why I don’t like children and changed it to an understanding. All little Ronnie needed was some understanding.

Whatever. I don’t want to ruin it. But all the actors killed their roles (in the best way). I felt for the characters and at the climax of the film I thought i might even get choked up. Everyone understood themselves in relation to others and changed and transformed to make their worlds a better place. Director and writer David Wain did it again. Which isn’t at all surprising due to Wain’s impressive resume.

Overall rating: I’d give it a 8 or 9 out of 10


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