Skamper makes me skamper… away


The first time I heard Skamper was on a compilation someone sent me in an attempt to court me (the song being “She Called It Happy”). It was electro-based but crazy contagious. But that was ages ago, and the courting attempt did not work. And really, that was the first and last time I’ve come into contact with Skamper. Until now…

High energy emerges from a dark dingy room on Skamper’s Thunderbeast (from Second Floor Noise). There are strong riffs accented by electronic keyboard scales with an element of futuristic. Skamper combines the grunge and the grit of one scene with the glitter and glam of another. there are few tracks that lack luster (like “Sugarhate” and “The Garden”) but they are forgivable with track like “#9” and “Ladyfingers”, which are bizzare but strong in beat and/or energy.

If someone was going to try to court me again using Skamper, even with Thunderbeasts’ high points, it wouldn’t work. That is both a warning and my total conclusion on the album.
1. Don’t make me mixes with Skamper on them and
2. It’s alright, even enjoyable on some tracks, but overall, it is not as catchy as “She Called It Happy” and not all that attention grabbing.

Rating: C


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