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You may remember how I blogged about Feist appearing on Sesame Street? (Check out the entry here.) Well it happened. And here is the video. As you watch it, you realize the lyrics have changed. To me, it seems a little brainwashy. As I mentioned before, Feist’s song is on Sesame Street because of it’s […]

Fleet Foxes are the next big indie band from giant indie label, Sub op. After years of bringing great indie artists to the spotlight, it’s only expected they bring another “soft, but hard” and “quiet, yet unexpected” and other contradicting cliché type group into indie acclaim. Enter Fleet Foxes, with their self-titled EP. With a […]

The first time I heard Skamper was on a compilation someone sent me in an attempt to court me (the song being “She Called It Happy”). It was electro-based but crazy contagious. But that was ages ago, and the courting attempt did not work. And really, that was the first and last time I’ve come […]