The Death Set’s Full Length, Wordwide


Death Set - Worldwide
The Death Set – Worldwide (Counter)

Fuck yeah! Finally a full length from cult favorites, Death Set. I wrote about their teaser EP, MFDS, a few months ago, and lucky for everyone, the attitude, high energy from that EP lasts for 25.5 minutes over 18 tracks on Worldwide. The album moves extremely fast each track averaging less than 2 minutes. It’s aggressive and spaz-tastic. It’s electro-induced, punk-rock influenced, it’s the mother fucking death set. (And for you who haven’t heard the album, the choice language refers back to their track “MFDS”)

Honestly, I would love to see these guys live. I feel like the magic of their on stage performance would transform the tracks into an incredible experience beyond just being really infectious punk pop.

Favorite tracks include, obviously, “Negative Thinking”, “Death Set Anthem”, “Intermission” and “Superzero” with its unstoppable beat. “MFDS” is attention grabbing with it’s Lil’ Jon similarity and hilarity.

The speed and length of the album goes well with the intensity and sound of the album. Any longer, the spastic-ness would become annoying. Dad, this isn’t for you.

Track Listing:
1. Solve It
2. Listen To This Collision
3. Negative Thinking
4. Intermission
5. Spaz
6. Cold Teeth
7. Around The World
8. Impossible
9. Superzero
10. Day In The Wife
11. Bla!
12. Moving Forward
13. MFDS
14. Had A Bird
15. Peak Oil
16. This Song
17. Heard It All Before
18. Selective Memories

Rating: B


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