How Do You Get On The D-List?


Well happy birthday to me! Well in a matter of days. I’ll be leaving Shanghai and heading to Beijing. Now, readers, I hope you haven’t felt neglected with my lack of posts. I‘ve been very busy with creating plenty of new stories (most of them being true).

I went to Hooters with 4 of my new favorite people. My roommate surprised me with a Hooter’s birthday. You know what I am talking about. When you tell a waitress someone in your party is having a birthday and they sing an annoying song and give you cake? Well, that’s what happened. Now, “We are Hoot-as” and “girls, give me a beat” will never be the same again.

I'm a Hoot-as Girl!

And when I do eventually go back to the States, I feel I will be under-appreciated. Now, I’m not drama mama over here, but you have to try to understand. I get stared at over here. I get to pose to get my picture taken, or some times taken paparazzi style. I even get smiled at and said “hello” to (in English or Yingyu). My eyes have been called “filled with ocean” and I’ve been told I spoke Chinese very well, however, that compliment needed to be translated.

In fact just the other day, I got my hand shaken, had a short but successful conversation in Chinese and even joined in a group photo. That group tried to sneakily take my picture. They pretended to pose in front of me so I’d be in the background, or just randomly take pictures until they got one of me. And as much as that game is sometimes fun, I finally just gave them my camera and asked if I could be in a picture with them. They gladly obliged, and were even surprised. Then we had a nice conversation in broken English.

Another observation I’ve made while here is that not knowing or needing to know the date is a positive thing. Time here, with my schedule, doesn’t matter. I guess that’s what vacation is all about. It’s refreshing to be like I know my birthday is coming up, when exactly, I’m not sure but it’s coming up (hence me celebrating the big 2-1 for a few days before and after). But while dates and times aren’t important here and I’m not squandering my time, I can’t help but think about what I will be doing for the rest of the summer and even what I need to do to prepare for my senior year.

That reminds me, for those of you who read/read (past tense) the blog for musical purposes, I know for sure that there will be stacks and stacks of albums waiting on my desk to be reviewed, so hang tight.

And going back to the Hooter’s situation: Before we all left, I saw a table of what looked like Americans. I went over to speak to them and they were actually international students. I asked one of the blonde blue-eyed girls if she gets stared at. She said she’s been here for 5 years and still gets asked to pose. I also asked if the middle finger was universal, the consensus was yes. But that’s besides the point.

The point and lesson to be learned is that next time I want to take a picture of a stranger (for having a funny mustache or a fashion faux pas) I need to be even more discreet because it’s pretty obvious even when you think you are being sly.

Another thing I learned is that celebrity-ness can kinda suck, especially on bad days or during bad moods. So, I suppose if I was to be a D list or on the E list, I wouldn’t mind so much. In fact, I’d enjoy that. Think about it. Being able to live with the occasional fan asking for a photo or gasping at your presence. And of course, all my fans would be pretty awesome, of course.


2 Responses to “How Do You Get On The D-List?”

  1. 1 Anthony

    When do you get back to reality? If you do, we should chat about certain things.

  2. 2 Nick

    the girl in the middle row… third from the left… why isn’t she wearing her work clothes???

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