Sleepless In Shanghai


Just thought I’d share. everything is going swimmingly.

Let me sum up my adventures so far in a very LiveJournal way: I’m hungry. And tired.

First of all, I’m jetlagged. It’s the 4th day here, and let’s face it, I’m still trying to figure out when I should to go to bed to the get the optimal amount of sleep in the optimal sleep schedule.

I’m hungry. The food here is hard to order, and sometimes hard to eat.

We walked by a place serving dog. It’s true. It’s not a myth. Tomorrow we will go to the Shanghai museum. My roommates have dietary restrictions. One is kosher, so jewish, and the other is pescitarian, so only fish eating.

So I’ll be living off rice and next week I’ll probably resort to American food. We, roommates and few others, made a pact not to go to American dining until, at least, next week. It’s really hard.

Only one of the people can communicate in Chinese, the rest of us are hungry. He can order but without him we are hungry. Yesterday, Edmond (the Chinese master) went out with his family, and was gone for the day. We resorted to pointing at other people’s tables and crazy hand signals.

The other day, our group found an egg serving place. Below is the photo. It was called I Love Eggs(squared)

But that’s my summary. For more pictures check this OUT
Now I am going to attempt to find some white rice, my favorite and only fall back for food.


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