Day 1 in Shanghai


May 18th:
6:00pm – Leave home
9:15pm – Arrive at Philadelphia Int’l

May 19th:
1:30am – Board the plane

May 20th:
4:00am – Unboard the plan
5:30am – Board bus to East China Normal University
6:30am – Arrive at University
7:10am – Meet for breakfast
9:00am – Meet for University Tour
12:00pm – Meet for lunch
1:00pm – Tour downtown Shanghai
4:00pm – Grocery Shopping for bottled water

At 4:30am, yes, am, 10 students arrived in Shanghai from the Hofstra trip. After getting to the JFK airport at 9pm and eventually boarding a plane at 1:45am, the 15-hour flight wasn’t so bad. My iPod refused to work. It wanted to be plugged into my computer and then my computer wouldn’t acknowledge it. So then the iPod felt neglected and refused to work even more. As we were landing, I made the iPod feel loved by trying again, and sure enough it worked. Besides a flight without music, and distracting language barriers, you could assume it would sucks, but in hindsight, what could you expect from a long flight?

There were movies, like The Emperor’s New Groove, and in-flight exercises along with someone that may cause future annoyances and amusement. From this point on, let’s call him Dwight.

In the early morning, Shanghai is covered in this fog. This “fog” may also be known as pollution and isn’t the most appealing part of China. Less than half the class at studied Chinese before, which leaves us up a creek without a paddle when it comes to the Chinese river of language. So we rely on our professor to make all the connections and communications for us. And that expectation isn’t totally out of bounds. In fact, he will gladly help translate our questions and concerns. He will also leave us to fend for ourselves on these tours. Such as, dropping us off at breakfast and meeting up a few hours later, which is fine. But giving us a tour of the University, then saying he has to go and believing in us that we know how to get back to the dorm/hotel building.

Which brings me to our lodgings:
Our lodgings aren’t bad. We assumed they’d be more dorm like. Instead they are more hotel like. In fact a nice old couple is staying down the hall from us. The boys are paired up and the 3 girls are all together in a “suite” of sorts. There is a cleaning lady, which makes me slightly nervous because I don’t want to get anything stolen or have to hide my belongings before I go out.

But for a first (half) day, things are going swimmingly. We 10 are enjoying ourselves. And I have a calling card…, which I will mostly use for texting capabilities. So please don’t be offended if I do not call you. There’s a better chance I will email you, or you can email me. See, flexibility. That’s the name of the game, especially in this strange land of the East.

Also, there haven’t been any earthquakes. And I will add pictures eventually.


Want a post card? Email me with an address, because let’s face it, who uses snail mail anyways?


3 Responses to “Day 1 in Shanghai”

  1. 1 Alba

    Sara… this is fabulous! Can’t wait to read the next “episode” of this blog… Good luck in all your endeavours!

  2. 2 rduffy

    Glad to see you made it. Any protests so far?

  3. 3 Knit1Purl2

    Just minor correction. You left from JFK airport in NY, not Philly. I wish it had been Philly, the drive would have been shorter!

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