The Countdown is on


As the semester winds down, I need to take some time to pack up my room, pack up for China and get my studies done. This means, sadly, one thing. I will need to take a hiatus on my blog. If you feel so inclined you can still follow me on twitter.

I have projects, papers and test galore that will keep me rather busy until the 15th. And, leaving for China in just 14 days! Can you believe it? I can not.

Beijing mapWhen I come back, I’m sure the CDs will be stacked high on my desk. So the reviews will start rolling back in when I get back to the states, but this blog is gonna turn into a LiveJournal type master piece as I begin to document my days in Beijing.

Have any tips for this young traveler? Or any suggestions what should be on my playlist for the 14 hour flight?

Enjoy your spring, blog readers.

Sara Knee


2 Responses to “The Countdown is on”

  1. 1 goose


    other stuff…

  2. 2 t747

    Enjoy your travel plans in China while I now try to make the best of my unemployment! Hopefully you’ll be bumping around the streets of Shanghai while Dunkin Donuts tries to teach me how to make coffee… I hope I’m exagerating… Will pictures from the China trip be posted? I’d hope to see some.

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