Tally Hall falls under “work casual” genre


Think Bowie. Plus over manufactured Atlantic. Yep. You got it. Atlantic is holding on and trying to get money for recorded music. the rules have changes, so with bands like Tally Hall, Atlantic will hopefully seem indie enough for the music lovers that still buy music to buy their music. This move from Atlantic just shows the state of the music industry. They are going under, so they are trying to pull the right chord to inflate the life-saver raft.

But let’s talk about Tally Hall. I call this genre “work casual.” It’s family-friendly, but different than top 40 stuff, so you can get all the fun of being a casual “indie” listener without being indie at all! For the band work casual means falling under indie pop on iTunes or record shops (do they exist anymore), but signed to a major and appear to be doing it for the money (work.

So, cubical workers rejoice, here’s the band you’ve been waiting for! It’s the soundtrack to play quietly at your desk on casual Fridays, instead of easy-listening radio. It’s just fun, and cool, enough!

One final comment. Their album cover. Whatever is up with the background, I don’t care. I’m more focused on the members of Tally Hall. They remind me of either children show hosts, such as the Wiggles (with their assorted colors) or the Power Rangers, where even out of costume they would still wear their secret identity color in their street clothes, or rather their work casual clothes.


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