Wye Oak’s If Children Translate Music Into Language


Wye Oak’s If Children (released off of Merge) amazed me. It started with “Please Concrete”. “Please Concrete” starts out quietly and then breaks into a rock feedback explosion. The explosion is contained just as you feel another explosion coming, it shifts to another track.

It’s Wye Oak’s timing that plays on the listeners’ anticipation. the vocalist has a twee sound which plays off well with the electric guitars and feedback.

Wye Oak goes through various songs each well crafted and beautifully done. On the track listing I starred my favorites.

On “Regret”, it opens with gentle guitar playing with male vocals that sways with a harmonica which works out well. The lyrics are heavy with aquatic imagery. It makes the listen feel as if they are riding on gentle swells.

Wye Oak takes you on an epic journey through water, wind and earth. from feeling close to feeling a drift, this band knows how to translate music, sounds and effects into emotion, encompassing language. I can’t compare the Wye Oak experience to any other indie (or otherwise) artist. They do their own thing and they do it well

Track Listing:
1. Please Concrete**
2. Warning**
3. Regret**
4. Archaic Smile
5. Family Glue
6. Orchard Fair
7. I Don’t Feel Young**
8. Keeping Company
9. A Lawn To Mow
10. If Children Were Wishes**
11. Obituary*


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