Swimming, A Healthy Alternative to French Kicking


French Kicks – Swimming (Vagrant)

I’ll give this album a rating: B-. It was enjoyable, not a favorite and didn’t completely amaze me. It sounded familiar and as a human, people like what they already know. So with that said:

There is something very organic about this album. Swimming has some kind of innocence and gentleness that still packs a little punch that keep you listening not for something better but for what’s next. The album is very congruent each track seems to be a distinctive and different part of the puzzle. Everything seems deliberate. In “With The Fishes” the drumbeats vary in volume, the harmonics whether they be sung or played on keyboard are just lovely.

There is always an equal and opposite reaction. In this case, bands have been taking an equal and opposite reaction years past electro-infused music with a natural take on indie. The French Kicks are a fine example of this reaction.

Tracklist For Swimming :

01. Abandon **
02. Over The World
03. Carried Away
04. New Man
05. Said So What **
06. Atlanta
07. Love In The Ruins **
08. With The Fishes
09. The Way You Arrive
10. All Our Weekends
11. Sex Tourists
12. This Could Go Wrong


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