Tired of the same old? “Pep” it up with some Ginsberg


With less of the scratchy, but more of the jazz of Janis Joplin, Pepi Ginsberg swoons and indier-tains on her solo album, Red. Park the Van’s Taster: Vol. 3 (click here for my review), did it’s job. I wanted more. And sure enough Red arrived in my mailbox.

Although, there is a light connection between Pepi and the other fine female vocalists, such as (the aforementioned) Janis Joplin, Cat Power and even Sarah Vaughn, Pepi Ginsberg does her own thing in a very unique and completely original album. The hints of inspriration from the Caribbeanin the beats makes “Ghosts of Perdition” my favorite track, along with “Waterline” which was on the label’s sampler.

It’s no surprise that Dr. Dog’s own producer, Scott McMicken produced this completely genuine album. If you haven’t already, I strongly suggest you check it. (It hits store April 22nd.

Track Listing
1. Son
2. The Waterline
3. The Contortionist
4. In My Bones
5. Nothing More
6. Shone Like A Reverie
7. Wind Or Degree
8. Lately
9. Ghosts of Perdition
10. White White White

Edit (4/18): Removed Waterline link.


One Response to “Tired of the same old? “Pep” it up with some Ginsberg”

  1. 1 MAA

    Thanks for the intro. It took me a couple of minutes…but now I’m really liking in my bones.

    The Waterline link is broken…

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