Foals – Antidotes: Better the 2nd or 3rd Time Around


Foals - Antidotes Album Cover

It’s a decent album. It comes together well. It sounds like a combination of Sub Pop sibling, Band Of Horses and Q & Not U combined. The harmonics draw me in on every track. I like it because it has sound they call their own, but a few tracks go off the path and it is still a cohesive album.

“Olympic Airways” is a favorite track just because the harmonics are lovely and the vocals match. Especially on this track, the vocals take a softer, more romantic sound than the yelling. I also like “Balloons”. “Hummer” is a synth pop song. That’s different from the rest of the album due to the Hot Chip break down. After listening to the album all the way through twice, I opened up a little and it left a positive imprint.

Now, I’m a fan of Sub Pop Records, however, the last release I liked from them was 2006 self-titled CSS (Cansei De Ser Sexy). They signed CSS to stray away from their two different sounds of soft indie pop and “epic” indie rock (like Wolf Parade). So, I find this a sub-par Sub Pop release. (I couldn’t help myself).

But listening to it the first time around, I wasn’t completely sold. As soon as the vocals kicked in I knew I heard it before. “The French Open” amps up the pop rock with horns. The chants are another exciting addition. In “Cassius,” the comparisons to Q & Not U are inevitable. But not all is lost. I don’t know about playing guitar but I remember hitting harmonics on my viola and it was beautiful but tricky. In this track, they hit many harmonics, on beat, and quickly. The effect paid off.

Track Listing:
1. The French Open
2. Cassius
3. Red Socks Pugie
4. Olympic Airways
5. Electric Bloom
6. Balloons
7. Heavy Water
8. Two Steps, Twice
9. Big Big Love (Fig. 2)
10. Like Swimming
11. Tron
12. Hummer
13. Mathletics

Foals: Mathletics Video:


One Response to “Foals – Antidotes: Better the 2nd or 3rd Time Around”

  1. Hey I was just playing catch up with your blog entries and if curating content is something that you think is interesting, I just wrote an entry on genre isolation, which seems to me to be a way of leaving content uncurated. Maybe you’ll think it is interesting. Basically, I want to curate “world” music and science fiction movies.

    I like the viral video and Wired magazine posts, keep ’em coming!

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