Irked: Another Unnecessary Viral Video


Here’s something that kinda irked me. There is this new “viral video” that is going around and it’s not funny, informative or the least bit engaging! I watched it thinking there had to be a reason why it’s a “viral video”. and really it’s not. It’s the video about a tennis player who lost and hit himself in the head with his racket. It didn’t over reach, he just hit his head with the metal part instead of the string part by accident.

I’ll post it here so you know what I mean, but I really don’t understand why things like this get so much hype. I feel bad for the guy. Oh in case anyone cares, which no one really does for videos like these: He’s Mikhail Youzhny playing at the Masters in Miami.

And you know what, just to counteract that participating in that viral spread. Here’s a viral video I did enjoy. And this video stems from a viral video thread of videos. (This came from Sarah Silverman’s “I’m F*cking Matt Damon“, which lead to her boyfriend, Jimmy Kimmel’s response video, “I’m F*cking Ben Affleck“, which featured Don Cheadle, and other celebrities did their versions. But this one tops it)


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