Bombadil Embodies What I Imagine as Today’s Troubadors


Bombadil - A Buzz A BuzzIf a full band could travel easily, I imagine Bombadil as today’s troubadours, delighting children and town folk alike! You don’t usually get this delightful storytelling folk-wisdom in today’s music. It’s simple without being boring. Bombadil is kind of the Bishop Allen of Chapel Hill.

“Smile When You Kiss” brings in a romantic but still folklore type message. They even call themselves troubadours! They lose their sweet traveling band sound and put on an earnest early indie rock sound (like Ted Leo) in “Rosetta Stone” and throw in a harmonica. They march on with Cavaliers Har Har” with trumpets and delicate finger plucking. “Johnny” showcases the humorous side, setting an almost circus show mood.

It’s reminiscent of a simpler, happier time without it turning into pop. It has the southern hospitality without the country stigma. I haven’t heard anything from North Carolina in a while and I’m glad it’s from them. It’s a nice reminder that North Carolina is still part of America and producing great music.

A Buzz, A Buzz will be out on Ramseu Records April 29th

1. Trip Out West
2. Julian Of Norwich
3. Smile When You Kiss
4. Rosetta Stone
5. Three Saddest Words
6. A Buzz, A Buzz
7. One Two Three
8. Cavaliers Har Har
9. Caterpillar Tree
10. Johnny
11. Get To Getting On


One Response to “Bombadil Embodies What I Imagine as Today’s Troubadors”

  1. 1 eddie

    Nice review, Sara. If you’ve not managed to catch them live, they are certainly worth checking out. They are also a ridiculously nice group of guys too – so down to earth and humble.

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