Neon Neon’s Stainless Style: Socks off or Shoes On

Neon Neon - Stainless Style
Neon Neon – Stainless Style (Lex)

I love the title! But my socks stayed on with the whole album. (As in, it did not blow my socks off)

The opening track opened with asking to be buried in a stainless steel casket with a choir singing majestically. I was putting my shoes on and thinking where to go. All was fixed when Neon Neon got over themselves with “I Lust You”. It’s pop-electro. I’d say it’s a 90’s club music. It has a running beat that could have been used in the electric slide.

Trick for Treat” is a more aggressive, vulgar track. It has a harder beat to match the lyrical content. The beat even changes for the chorus and during the chorus. “Raquel” is a club anthem. It’s too repetitive and has the same elements of a techno song, such as a thumping beat, a bell or something that is mixed with the beat and underlying synths. I find it weird that is about a girl and it’s swooning with her name said repetitively in this already repetitive song.

And Yo Majesty is featured on “Sweat Shop”. It’s filthy. It’s one of the better tracks. The vocals are varying. If you don’t know Yo Majesty… I don’t know them either. I saw them live last year, and I wasn’t really enjoying the music, but the crowd was, so it made it a good show.

They finished the album off with “Luxury Pool” featuring an artist I am familiar with, Fatlip. Fatlip sings about the tirals of life and joys of being famous. He is promising: “Girl, I’ll get you famous”. That’s always how it always starts. But I like this electro kind of Indian style beat.

Neon Neon did not keep me loving and listening for long. The shoes were back on through most of the album. “Luxury Pool” was the only track that had me dancing; the other tracks left me in footwear limbo.

I Lust You video:


One Response to “Neon Neon’s Stainless Style: Socks off or Shoes On”

  1. 1 tom

    you have the 8 track sampler… go and get the full album 🙂

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