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Think Bowie. Plus over manufactured Atlantic. Yep. You got it. Atlantic is holding on and trying to get money for recorded music. the rules have changes, so with bands like Tally Hall, Atlantic will hopefully seem indie enough for the music lovers that still buy music to buy their music. This move from Atlantic just […]

Chin Chin – Chin Chin (Def Jux) This Is Modern jazz and funk in a fuzz-tastic way. i haven’t heard anything like this groovy since the 70’s (and I didn’t exist then). Even after drawing heavy influences from the older time period, the band does not sound retro but more pop. when people speak of […]

So they pre-released their album cover. And then the album came out. (Well, technically it will be “out” in stores May 20th.) If the cover was any indication, I probably shouldn’t be surprised at the sound associated with that crazy looking cover. I don’t know what happened to them. Was it the switch to Anti? […]

This Is Ivy League – This Is Ivy League (Twentyseven Records) I guess i have a sweet tooth for sweet music. i like indie pop. So when This Is Ivy League’s self-titled album showed up in my mail box, I couldn’t resist to give it a full and fair listening. Although the promoter’s sticker compared […]

Clinic has always done their own thing, and they continue on doing their thing on their 5th release, Do It. They continue on with their business without it being tired. They continue to push their own envelopes. Clinic – Do It! (Domino) They re-enter into the scene after two years with their gritty guitars and […]

French Kicks – Swimming (Vagrant) I’ll give this album a rating: B-. It was enjoyable, not a favorite and didn’t completely amaze me. It sounded familiar and as a human, people like what they already know. So with that said: There is something very organic about this album. Swimming has some kind of innocence and […]

Wye Oak’s If Children (released off of Merge) amazed me. It started with “Please Concrete”. “Please Concrete” starts out quietly and then breaks into a rock feedback explosion. The explosion is contained just as you feel another explosion coming, it shifts to another track. It’s Wye Oak’s timing that plays on the listeners’ anticipation. the […]

With less of the scratchy, but more of the jazz of Janis Joplin, Pepi Ginsberg swoons and indier-tains on her solo album, Red. Park the Van’s Taster: Vol. 3 (click here for my review), did it’s job. I wanted more. And sure enough Red arrived in my mailbox. Although, there is a light connection between […]

Back in the day, well-known musicians would roam the streets of Sesame. Artists from Johnny Cash to Steven Tyler to the Spin Doctors have hung out with Big Bird, Elmo and Oscar the Grouch. A new artist will be hanging out with the furry and feathered friends. However, she’s a wonderful artist, and she’ll be […]

Cloud Cult  – Feel Good Ghosts (Tea-Partying Through Tornadoes) (Earthology Records) Album Walk-Through: “No One Said It Would Be Easy”, the opening track kind of reminds me of the “Friends’” theme song because it shares the same message (no one said there would be days like these). That’s not a bad thing. It’s just true. […]