Wait, A Compilation that Melts the Ice!

Various Artists – Wait Til The Ice Melts (Exponential)

Here is something interesting a compilation of electronic music from… TEXAS?? And surprisingly it doesn’t suck! In fact, it was enjoyable and unexpected. It has a healthy mix of sounds, each track varies, without sounding the exactly the same. And because it’s electronic compilation, it passes my one and only test for this genre, the annoyance test. Is it annoying, no. So it’s pretty good.

It starts with Unspoken by A.M. Architect. Like most of the compilation, it’s “instrumental” space-electro. You know, rocket man floating alone through space, passing all the planets while grooving to the space… grooviness? And a common theme of the compilation is strangely smooth transitions between the varieties of songs. For example, RJD2 calmness from “Unspoken” switched to Horizontal K’s bass-based “Uraqtk” and then to Dance Like Robot’s guitar-rifted “We Were Vampire” without throwing me off.

The songs all have a heavy post-production quality, but what can you expect from an electronic compilation. If I ever for some reason heard this compilation and all of it’s acts live, it would sound nothing the same unless it was prerecorded.

There are a few high points on the album. Like the aforementioned “Unspoken”, “Guerra Futbol” by Mnolo is another favorite. It’s an all instrumental, which once again cements the relation of this compilation to RJD2 before he wrecked himself with Third Hand. Overall it’s a very electronic album but has a consistent sound even through it has multiple artists.

Track Listing
1. A.M. Architect – Unspoken
2. HorizontalK – URAQTK
3. Dance Like Robots – We Were Vampires
4. Rae Davis – Pyramids
5. Mnolo – Guerra Futbol (just a short sample)
6. Diego Chavez – Forgive
7. Wayside Dream – Catch as Catch
8. Ernest Gonzales – Caviar, Cigarettes, Dynamite, & Laserbeams
9. Nectarine – Blue Beacon
10. Diego Bernal – Father’s
11. Dead Waiter – The Liar
12. Makestapes – Outlines
13. [on hiatus] – Out of the Blue
14. Mirm – Kan-sha
Can you dig it?


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