Ssion: Not Suitable for All Audiences, just the good ones.


Ssion Fool's Gold

(brought to you by Sleazetone Records)

Just look at the cover. LOOK AT IT. Are you creeped out? Intrigued? Homophobic?
Well good. That’s exactly what SSION (as in mission with out the “meh”) was going for. For serials, this band’s goal was to make the gayiest record ever. But then they realized pop “trumped” gay and bam, they decided to make the gayiest pop album ever. Best described as “gay-disco-meets-punk-rock”, Ssion is a lot of fun and, yes, pretty gay.

Track Listing:
1. Clown
2. Bullshit
3. Street Jizz
4. Fear Us
5. The Woman
6. Dayjob
7. Warm Glove
8. A Wolves Eye
9. Ah Ma
10. Heaven

It travels the history of pop music. It cover’s women’s rights with this ridiculous song called “The Women”. It covers disco with “Heaven”. It covers gay with obviously “Street Jizz”. Ssion Shirt

Altogether, this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but it suited me just fine. I mean, if you are into a (more) androgynous and weird Prince, you may have fished your wish. Apparently Ssion is this guy’s cup of tea. He made a pretty wicked shirt. Regardless if you like or dislike the music, that shirt is pretty cool.

Check out their opening track, Clown.

And the video for Ah-Ma.

I like this mustache, duh. And this jacket. And his hat, and his heroine-sque hygiene habits.


8 Responses to “Ssion: Not Suitable for All Audiences, just the good ones.”

  1. 1 kevin a leon

    wow, gloriously gay.

    I love his sample use and nods to 70’s production, not to mention his porn house aesthetic.

  2. 2 jacob f prince

    who’s the guy with the t-shirt on?

  3. the shirt is from this guy (Franc Fernandez):

  4. 5 David

    hahahah the guy with the shirt on IS ssion.
    That’s Cody Critcheole front man and cult leader of The Ssion, haha.
    and thats just a merch shirt; I have one in acid wash!

  5. 7 Alexwebmaster

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  6. 8 Paradox

    Haha! This blog made me laugh so much.
    Cody Critcheloe is a pretty good friend of mine, and I didn’t know his band was that big.
    Awesome. :))

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