John Adams and a Spring Break Hiatus


Hey loyal readers ?

I’m enjoying my spring break at home. So come back next week for more reviews and other tidbits.

The only thing I think I can review fairly is HBO’s John Adams miniseries. Part 1 (Join Or Die) and Part 2 (Independence) aired this past Sunday on HBO. Basically, disappointing. I thought it would be more engaging, more about the relationships and the personal life of Mr. John Adams. Instead, I found it to be a summary of the revolution. Part one seemed to have covered the year of 1770. Apparently some how I missed the other 5 years because when Part 2 began, it continued by starting with 1775.

Where did those 5 years go? Everything seems generalized. Everything they showed were pretty well known as myths. For example, the Boston Massacre, only 5 people died, and the British soldiers were found not guilty. I knew that. I guess that thought that was news breaking. Another example, they argued about being Independent.

Overall, I thought it was boring, but with those big names, (I’m a huge Laura Linney fan, who played Abigail Adams) I had to watch the premiere on the first night. I’ll also probably finish watching the rest of the special. The biggest surprise was the fact that John Adams had such a large part in the American history. However: my philly home boi Ben Franklin still rocks, he was like the Jon Stewart of the 1770s. Holla.

Well, did anyone else watch it? Do you agree with the hype not matching the product? The latest HBO show that was wonderfully entertaining was the George Carlin. It’s strangely satisfying to be laughing out loud alone.

Here is the trailer, in case you really are lost about this whole “John Adams’ thing”


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