Top Album of the Week: State Bird – Mostly Ghostly


Track Listing:
1. Story of the Last Pilgrim and Indian
2. I Saw The Light
3. Ghost King pt. 1
4. The Hollerin’ Mountains
5. Cathedral Tunes
6. A Voice As Old As Fire
7. An Accident In The Woods
8. Streams Of Light
9. The Golden Glowing Mask
10. What All The Racket In Our Haunted Attic
11. Hair Of The Buffalo

I definitely, definitely suggest you check them out! I definitely, definitely want you to love them too. I judged on the album cover, and boy, was I wrong!! The packaging is a simple flip open cardboard, no liner, nothing special and just two colors, white and blue. And that’s what you can expect from an indie label like Record Machine. But I put the album in and bam! State Bird blew me away!

Here’s the metaphor: it’s a circus without terrifying clowns but welcoming and curious. There’s a wonderful surprise around every corner with their unique instruments and folk-inspired (but not overly folk) tunes.

The 2 member band looks kinda like they are going for the Devendra Banhart look. But they sound similar to Boy Least Likely To with the quiet pop sound, and the organic and “worldly” sound of Beirut.

Buy it here!

State Bird – I Saw The Light (FAVORITE TRACK)
State Bird – The Golden Glowing Mask
State Bird – What All The Racket In Our Haunted Attic


2 Responses to “Top Album of the Week: State Bird – Mostly Ghostly”

  1. 1 t747

    Worldly? See, don’t I know what’s hip? “Worldly” is so in. It will slowly leak its way into the indie world and none of those Pitchforkers will even know the difference. Props to Beirut for paving the path for gypsy-rockers.

  2. 2 PleasantPheasant

    Great review. How did you find this band before I found it? I’ve always (used to, anyway) be the first to find new music. Looks like I’ve lost that title.

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