Born Ruffians, You make me Red, Yellow but mostly Blue.


Born Ruffians - Red, Yellow & Blue

Track Listing for Born Ruffians’ Red, Yellow & Blue:
1. Red, Yellow And Blue
2. Barnacle Goose
3. Hummingbird
4. I Need a Life
5. Little Garcon
6. Baddnkadonkey
7. Foxes Mate For Life
8. Hedonistic Me
9. In a Mirror
10. Kurt Vonnegut
11. Red Elephant

Self proclaimed as “Hootin’ & Hollarin’”, I am in no position to disagree. It’s “quirky” with strange time signatures, but overall, the current indie pop music. His voice is unique but don’t let that be a turn off. Biggest, and saddest comparison is to Vampire Weekend. If you didn’t know individual songs by the bands, you wouldn’t be that far off to confuse the two bands.

Another interesting fact, is that this is their second full release album and they put one of the songs from their first album on it. That song being Hedonistic Me. Which is an interesting choice to double that one up because, that was their single. I don’t know. If I put out a second album, I’d put out a full, entirely NEW album. That’s just me. The album is in store now off of Warp records.

Born Ruffians – Hummingbirds (Vampire Weekend Sound-A-Like)

Born Ruffians – Foxes Mate For Life (A more unique sound)

What do y’all think??


One Response to “Born Ruffians, You make me Red, Yellow but mostly Blue.”

  1. I just saw these guys on Tuesday, and they were (not-so-surprisingly) awesome. Great comparison to VW!

    (Just in case your replies don’t allow HTML:)

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