Later, Lube.


BuddyLube Departure

Bye Bye, Buddylube! Yesterday, I resigned from being “Facebook Expert” at a Digital Marketing Agency. I worked at BuddyLube for over a year which is a long time for a start-up. I grew up a lot, I worked a lot, I had fun. But since BuddyLube hit a rough patch, I realized the fun and enjoyment I got from going into the office turned into dread. No one wants to dread a job. And no one wants to commute 2 hours to go to a job they dread.

So, peace out, BL. It’s been real. For those who are unfamiliar with me… I don’t quit things. But it was my time, and I did. So this was quite exciting! Hooray!

Anywho.. Who wants to give me a job?


2 Responses to “Later, Lube.”

  1. 1 Bryan Woods


  2. Sara,

    Nice blog keep up the good work

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